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TYRON: Company

tyron safety band

Our Customers

Our Customers

Tyron manufactures and distributes the most cost effective range of flat tyre protection systems around the world for retro-fitting to your existing wheels and tyres.

Tyron supplies throughout the world to:

• Military, Government and Security fleets Emergency Services ie. Police, Ambulance & Fire

• Public Transport

• Truck operators

• The Motoring Public (via distribution networks) Caravan & Motorhome owners (via dealer retail networks)

•Off-Roaders and 4 x 4 specialists
Products include:

• Economical, lightweight, 'Get-out' and 'Safety' systems with short runflat capability

• The latest 'extended runflat' equipment

• Lightweight military systems

• Special field mountable and de-mountable units - no fitting equipment necessary

• Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems.

Tyron is unique, with personnel having more than 23 years expertise in the field of runflat protection, able to advise and to supply product to suit most applications, from low cost 'safety' or 'get-out' protection, to 50km+ (Finabel) military runflat requirements.

Continuous Development

To meet the changing needs of the automotive industry the Tyron Group continuously develops new well filler band designs, for military, commercial and civilian applications, for both steel and alloy wheel assemblies.

As more vehicles use alloy wheels and lower profile tyres design emphasis has been to produce lighter weight bands, while increasing strength and durability. Today's bands must cope with the stresses imposed by a 150mph blowout, when fitted to a high performance alloy wheel and low profile tyre assembly, for example on a Police Traffic Patrol vehicle.


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