Blue Light

Police, Ambulance and Fire Brigades require control during tyre failure, especially at high speeds and they also need a lightweight runflat so as not to affect the vehicles acceleration, braking and fuel economy during its day to day use.

Police vehicles are particularly exposed to tyre deflation from foreign objects as they are constantly patrolling the roads and stopping on unclean highway shoulders to assist stranded motorists or issue a speeding ticket and then expected to drive at high speed to an incident.

It is also desirable that the runflats be maintenance free and easily replaceable as a police patrol vehicle can get through a set of tyres in 12 weeks!


In the event of a puncture or blow-out the Tyron MultiBand is guaranteed to “lock” the tyre on the wheel rim allowing the driver to retain control of the vehicle reducing the risk of an accident and to continue to a safe place to change the wheel or seek assistance, reducing the risk of personal injury.

Lightweight, so as not to affect fuel consumption, acceleration and braking and with no moving parts it does not affect the balancing of the wheels, maintenance free and fitted once for the life of the vehicle and its occupants.