News 9 Feb 22

Tyron delivers second batch of wheel assemblies for British Army Mastiff & Ridgeback vehicles


Tyron is delivering a total of 101 wheel assemblies under this second batch order.




Loughborough, 9th February, 2022: 

Tyron Runflat Ltd has begun delivery of the second batch of wheel/tyre/runflat assemblies for the UK Ministry of Defence’s (MoD’s) Ridgback and Mastiff vehicle upgrade programme.

Under the MoD’s Protected Mobility Engineering & Technical Support (PMETS) contract, NP Aerospace is re-engineering Ridgback and Mastiff vehicles to improve their off-road mobility performance, enhance safety and introduce new capabilities. Improvements being carried out on the fleet include installing an industry package of equipment: new independent suspension systems incorporating Ride Height Control; upgraded driveline, steering and braking systems; central tyre inflation systems; and increased diameter tyres.

Tyron is responsible for delivering the entire wheel assemblies to NP Aerospace for the upgrade, consisting of its All-Terrain Rubber Multi-Piece (ATR-MP) runflat and the new Michelin X Force ZL16.00r20 tyre, which has a new deep, open tread pattern and shoulders to maximise traction. Tyron is the first company in the UK to take delivery of this new tyre and integrate it into the wheel assembly.

The ATR-MP contributes to increased mobility and safety for the Ridgback and Mastiff vehicle fleet, while also supporting simplified logistics in the field. As a multi-section runflat, the ATR-MP does not require any special tools or a hydraulic press to insert and remove the runflat when replacing the tyre, as is the case with single piece alternatives.

Tyron’s ATR runflats are designed to maintain vehicle mobility and safety during and after tyre deflation, whether due to ballistic attack, blowout, or puncture, allowing the driver and crew to continue the mission safely and return to base. The runflat guarantees beadlock, which prevents the tyre spinning on the wheel when deflated, enabling the vehicle to continue moving at speed in full compliance with on and off-road Finabel standards. The system is fully compatible with CTIS and standard wheels.

The first batch of wheel assemblies were delivered for the programme in early 2021.

“This new batch of assemblies, incorporating the new Michelin tyre with the ATR-MP will deliver improved mobility and safety for the Ridgback and Mastiff vehicle fleet in support of Operation NEWCOMBE in Mali,” Peter Simson, Director, Tyron Runflat, said. “We are pleased to be part of this industry team delivering an improved capability for British forces operating the Ridgback and Mastiff vehicle fleet.”

News 24 Jan 22

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News 17 Mar 21

COVID-19 statement

In line with government guidelines, the manufacturing and assembly areas are closed to customers at this time, however all support staff are available via email or Teams. May we wish you all good health and look after one another. Please contact or call           +44 (0) 7741 635699 for more information.


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