News 20 Jan 20

Tyron Runflat presenting at IAV 2020

Tyron is exhibiting at IAV 2020 at Twickenham Stadium, London, 20-23 January.



Loughborough, 20 January, 2020: Tyron Runflat Ltd is pleased to announced that Peter Simson, Director at Tyron, will be presenting at the International Armoured Vehicles (IAV) 2020 conference in London on 21 January.

Peter will present a paper titled, “The Evolution of Runflat Technology: How 30-year-old Technology is Being Transformed”, at 16:30 on day one of the event’s main conference.

The presentation will draw on Tyron’s deep knowledge of the armoured vehicle runflat market, providing an overview of runflat systems and how different solutions suit different 4X4, 6X6 and 8X8 vehicle applications within the defence and security sector.

Taking a broad view of the history of the runflat market, the paper will show how the technology has enabled military forces to tackle the persistent threat of IED and ballistic attacks – from their first deployment in Northern Ireland in the 1970s, through two decades of operations in the Middle East; and how Tyron is continuing to push the limits of what is capable when considering the developing threats facing military forces in the future.

“Whether by IED or ballistic attack, wheels and tyres are considered the weakest link when attackers attempt to mobilise a wheeled vehicle,” Mr Simson commented. “Developing and fine-tuning the technology to enable military forces to overcome this challenge on the battlefield proved itself a life-saving capability in the Middle East, and it remains a key requirement as we look at the challenges facing today’s forces – and tomorrow’s.”

Tyron Runflat is exhibiting its full range of All Terrain Rubber (ATR) Runflats at IAV 2020, including its patented multi-piece unit, the ATR-MP; and the ATR-Carbon, which reduces the total runflat weight by up to 40%, making it the lightest rubber runflat solution in the world.

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News 18 Nov 19

Tyron Runflat introduces Custom ATR runflat system

• Tyron adds to rubber runflat family • Tyron is exhibiting at DSEI Japan on stand B500 Tyron Runflat Ltd has introduced a new All Terrain Runflat (ATR) multi-piece solution to its ATR runflat product portfolio. Called the ATR-Custom, the new system is designed for vehicles fitted with standard single-piece wheels as an alternative to […]

News 9 Sep 19

Tyron Announces Single Piece Rubber Runflat

Single piece rubber runflat market now has competition Tyron introduces ATR-SP Fitting Tyron ATR-SP instead does not add cost A new competitor in single piece rubber runflats is announced at the start of DSEI by Tyron Runflat Ltd on stand number N9-301.  The Tyron ATR-SP provides customers with a choice of supplier for the single […]

News 5 Sep 19

Tyron ATR-MP keeps DCD Springbuck APC moving

DCD fitted Tyron ATRs for IED demonstration At all times vehicle was able to keep moving even though tyres deflated During a recent series of demonstrations and trials by DCD Protected Mobility of South Africa, the company fitted Tyron All Terrain Rubber runflats, the ATR-MP, to its Springbuck Armoured Personnel Carrier to ensure the vehicle […]

News 15 Feb 19

Tyron Establishes New Production Facility in Thailand

43,000 sq ft production facility extends worldwide production by 14,000 units per annum Reduces supply chain distances Capitalises on the best of Thailand and the UK   A new 43,000 sq ft production facility has been established by Tyron Runflat in Thailand.  Called Tyron Rubber and with its own management structure, the production line will […]

News 2 Dec 18

Tyron Showcases Rubber Runflat at EDEX 2018

Tyron Showcases Rubber Runflat at Edex 2018 ATRs successfully trialled in Egyptian Crocodile 4 x 4s The Tyron All Terrain Rubber Runflat (ATR) has been extensively trualled on the Egyptian Timsah or Crocodile 4×4 armoured vehicle. The rubber ATR reduces the logistic burden and enables the vehicle continue with its mission by locking the tyre […]

News 4 Sep 18

Tyron Shows Carbon Runflat at MSPO in Poland

50% Weight Reduction Achieved On Latest Tyron Runflat  Carbon-ATRs on stand D 62 A lightweight carbon fibre rubber runflat is on display on stand D 62 at MSPO, being held at Kielce, Poland.  The Tyron Carbon-ATR, which achieves up to 50% weight reduction, has successfully undergone initial trials. During the trials the runflat was put through […]

News 20 Jul 18

Tyron Runflats Undergo Blast Test

DCD Protected Mobility has demonstrated its products in the toughest way possible, by detonating landmines under three of its vehicles before a live audience of military attaches and other dignitaries at the Paardefontein test range.  Amongst the vehicles was the Springbuck which Tyron in partnership with Global Wheel has supplied complete wheel and runflat assemblies. […]