News 17 Mar 21

Tyron tech on re-engineered British Army Ridgbacks and Mastiffs

(NP Aerospace image)

NP Aerospace has announced the delivery of re-engineered Ridgback and Mastiff vehicles to the UK Ministry of Defence under the Protected Mobility Engineering & Technical Support (PMETS) Contract.

Tyron Runflat is part of the industry team that has delivered a range of improvements to enhance vehicle mobility for the British Army in challenging operational terrains. Tyron technology implemented on the upgrade is the All-Terrain Rubber Multi-Piece (ATR-MP) runflat – designed to preserve the mobility of armoured vehicles in hostile operating environments by guaranteeing beadlock, absorbing impacts and maintaining traction even when the tyre is flat.

It is great to see the delivery of this improved capability to the British Army, and we are proud to be a part of this talented industry team supporting Operation NEWCOMBE in Mali.

Read the full article in Advance magazine: NP Aerospace re-engineers British Army Ridgbacks and Mastiffs for Mali deployment.