News 1 Feb 21

Tyron at IAV 2021

We are currently taking part in virtual #IAV2021, which runs until 11 February. Attendees can find our virtual stand within the online event platform.

When making new connections at events, we often find that we need help potential customers understand what runflats do and how they work to keep armoured vehicles and their inhabitants safe in the event of a tyre deflation or blow out. To that end, we have published a new whitepaper, ‘Runflat Technology Review’, which goes into detail about runflat basics, how they work, and looks at which type is the best solution for each particular operational requirement. It also gives some insight into why we believe our runflats to be the best option available.

Download the whitepaper below, and get in touch to discuss your options in more detail.

Download: Runflat Technology Review.